Value-Add Solutions

Total Quality Manufacturing

State of the Art Production Processes
We produce top-quality filters through our stringent manufacturing processes. Our production facilities around the world employ state-of-the-art equipment and are certified by world-leading organizations as top-notch manufacturing plants. Our certifications include ISO 9001, ISO14001, ISO18001, CE and ETL marked. Our Cincinnati facility is a UL508 electrical panel shop.

Product Reliability
Our commitment to providing products that work effectively in the real world doesn’t end with our manufacturing processes. By following strict testing standards and quality protocols, we can provide you with performance assurances that our filters and equipment will operate safely and trouble free.

Commitment to Safety
All companies say they put safety first. We actually mean it as proven by our industry-leading I&I ratio and a total employee commitment to safety. This ensures our employees have a safe workplace to come to and produce top-quality products for our customers without risking their health.

Global Footprint

Localized Service & Support Network
We are a global company with an expansive employee and distribution network strategically located to provide localized service and support to our customers. This enables our filtration experts to work closely with our customers to design and provide solutions that meet specific local needs. 

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Application Engineering & Turn-Key Solutions

Application Engineering

  • Engineering Expertise Across a Broad Array of Markets
    We are a filtration company that designs and manufactures our products with an engineering mind and discipline for delivering industry leading performance with a cost-effective design. We employ teams with specific application and industry expertise to ensure that no matter what your problem we have an expert to help you.

  • Localized Service / Diagnostic Capabilities
    We understand that problems arise, and you can’t always send in a filter for testing. We have regional service teams who can come to your plant or location, analyze issues you may be having, and provide a recommended solution that minimizes any downtime you might be experiencing. This service and diagnostic capability comes from employing experts with years of application and industry experience who can quickly understand and diagnose your unique issue.

  • Technical Training
    A robust program of technical training – both in-person and online – ensures you get the right knowledge to help run your filtration systems more efficiently. Learn from the strongest minds in the business, and get real-world tips from industry experts that can produce an immediate, positive impact on the performance and reliability of your equipment.

Turn-Key Solutions / Systems Engineering

The ability to design a solution to fit your application requires engineering expertise and practice. At CLARCOR Industrial Air, we have years of experience in both. Our engineering teams have designed custom solutions throughout our history and have a long reference sheet of global installations to show how the work was a success. If you have a specific idea in mind, contact our engineering team to take the next step forward in your project.