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Air Pollution Control Solutions from United Air Specialists (UAS) Help Ensure EPA Compliance While Optimizing Your Operations

United Air Specialists offers a wide breadth of air pollution control systems to help you ensure compliance with the new EPA Metal Fabrication Hazardous Air Pollutants (MFHAP) standard that became effective in July 2011. The new regulation is intended to control indoor pollutants before they can become outdoor emissions so controlling airborne pollutants such as weld fume or grinding dust just became much more important for fabrication facilities across the United States. It is now necessary to have improved processes and housekeeping that will minimize or eliminate fugitive emissions with required monitoring since it is no longer acceptable to exhaust or use natural ventilation as a means of controlling indoor air pollution according to this new regulation.

Therefore, it is critical for facility managers to evaluate how their company might be impacted by the new regulation and understand what they can do to ensure compliance. Compliance presents a unique opportunity for fabricators to not only improve worker safety but to also reduce operational expenses with a well-designed air pollution control system from UAS.

View more information about the EPA MFHAP standards.

Select from the following United Air Specialists dust, smoke and fume control solutions to find out how you can achieve EPA compliance while saving money:

W Series Weld Fume Collectors
2010 Product of the Year Gold Award Winner from Plant Engineering magazine. The W Series portable and wall-mount weld fume extractors are an excellent solution for your weld fume extraction needs due to the combination of our unsurpassed filtration technology and superior weld fume source capture.

Key benefits of the W Series include:
  • MERV 15 ProTura® Nanofiber fire retardant filter exclusively from UAS offers unmatched performance in its capacity to capture and contain submicron-sized weld fume particulate when compared to traditional or commodity media. Fire retardant treatment provides increased safety on welding applications.
  • Superior extraction power provides more suction than competing local extraction systems while only using a 1 HP, 115V/1PH/60Hz blower package which also keeps energy consumption and sound levels to a minimum.
  • Superior cleaning system – when equipped with our proprietary pulse cleaning system you can greatly extend filter life and reduce maintenance downtime due to the 30 second pulse cleaning cycle that is available at the touch of a button.
  • Quick, easy and tool-free filter maintenance due to the proprietary filter access hatch design that provides quick and efficient filter maintenance procedures which also reduces downtime.
W Series Weld Fume Collectors

Model XA Extraction Arm
Stop the spread of fumes, smoke, dust and other airborne pollutants at the source with the Model XA Extraction Arm which can be used on either portable or wall-mounted systems.

Key benefits of the Model XA Extraction Arm include:
  • Greater suction that is superior to other extraction arms in the industry because of the XA arm’s obstruction-free internal design and large bell-mouth hood.
  • Large aluminum hood features 360° of grip area for optimal placement and pivots independently of the arm for ease of positioning during operation.
  • Damper that enables workers to adjust airflow as needed.
  • Multiple arm lengths and diameters to fit your requirements. Arms are available in 7’, 10’ and 12’ lengths, with two different diameters to choose from.
Model XA Extraction Arm

SFC Series Downward Flow Cartridge Dust Collector
The SFC Series of cartridge dust collectors effectively remove harmful dusts and smoke from industrial processes including grinding, welding, buffing, sanding, smelting, bulk powder handling and more.

Key benefits of the SFC Series include:
  • Less energy use with our patented pulse cleaning system that uses less compressed air; achievable through the combination of increased power behind each pulse blast and the superior surface-loading ability of our ProTura Nanofiber filters.
  • Longer filter life since less pulsing is needed to clean our surface-loading ProTura Nanofiber cartridges. This minimizes stress on the filters resulting in double the filter life of a commodity filter.
  • Small dust collection system footprint because the combination of the SFC’s patented pulse cleaning system and ProTura Nanofiber cartridge filters also allows for higher air-to-media ratios, potentially reducing the size of the dust collector and number of cartridges needed for your facility – a significant cost savings overall.
  • Modular design allows for field expandability to increase the capacity of your system when needed.
SFC Series Downward Flow Cartridge Dust Collector

MCB Series
The MCB is a completely self-contained, obstruction-free dust collector that uses cross-draft ventilation to eliminate hazardous contaminants before they reach a worker’s breathing zone. Suitable for a wide range of applications where source capture is impractical, such as grinding, sanding and abrasive blasting.

Key benefits of the MCB Series include:
  • Simple installation since the MCB requires no duct work, fewer assembly modules and less electrical hookups and motors.
  • Versatile configurations - available in 3’, 6’ and 9’ modules. The MCB modules can also be fitted with a booth enclosure for containment and additional sound absorption.
  • Reduced utility costs due to the superior louver door design that ensures optimal airflow across your workstation which translates into reduced system losses and energy requirements.
  • Cam-action locking device facilitates fast, simple and tool-free cartridge filter installation and replacement.
  • Internal pulse cleaning system limits sound levels up to 50% less than competitive models ensuring quiet operation.
MCB Series

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