Do you offer training for customers?
  • Visit for the latest offerings of our complimentary Principles of Dust Collection Webinars and in-person Baghouse Maintenance and Troubleshooting Seminars. We can help you learn ways to improve your day-today operations.
What is the difference between the UAS brand and the BHA brand?
  • CLARCOR Industrial Air sells UAS brand equipment for industrial dust and mist collection and commercial UAS Smog-Hog kitchen systems. We also offer genuine UAS replacement filters for this equipment. Our aftermarket filter replacement parts brand is BHA and widely recognized for our in-depth customer knowledge and service capabilities. BHA is the industry's most well-known and respected name.
Can you help me select the right system?
  • Yes, we will work with you to find the right solution. You can also click on each of the equipment options shown throughout our interactive facility floor plan to find out how our UAS® brand product solutions can be applied across a wide variety of industrial dust collection and mist collection applications.
What if I need a customized solution?
  • We offer customized solutions specific to your operation. Our solutions deliver within normal lead times and at market price points. Contact us to find out more.
Where can I get an owner's manual for my UAS equipment?
  • You can request an owner's manual using our online Owner's Manual Request Form. Our Owner's manuals will include information on installation, maintenance, troubleshooting, high voltage testing and more.
Where can I find more information about specific products?
  • Refer to literature in the Resource Center or find the specific product within our website and you will have many downloads to choose from, white papers, brochures and more.
I need aftermarket replacement filters for my dust collector; can I get assistance outside of normal business hours?
  • Our dedicated customer care team, we will answer your BHA aftermarket filter needs 24 x 7. Call us anytime.
Do you outsource your production?
  • We engineer and manufacture our own membrane, filters and systems. We are a one-stop shop. We deliver unparalleled support, manufacturing, installation to inspection to maintenance and troubleshooting after the sale, all from a single source, CLARCOR Industrial Air.