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Portable Mist Collectors - Smog-Hog® PCN

The Smog-Hog PCN portable mist collector eliminates welding smoke and other metal oxide fumes from employees’ working zones. For use inside your facility, this portable electrostatic air cleaner can easily move to reach all areas where smoke and fume source capture are needed. This unit is ideal for situations where large hoods are impractical, smoke-producing machinery is used intermittently or an employee moves from one work station to another.

Typical applications include coolant smoke capture, fume from metal finishing and fume from forming processes.

PCN Portable Mist Collector Features

The Smog-Hog PCN is a self-contained, two-stage, Penney-type electrostatic precipitator designed for heavy-duty applications with air volumes ranging from 700 CFM to 1,200 CFM.

  • Cabinet - constructed of 16-gauge welded steel with internal structural rails top and bottom. A hinged door with an electrical interlock safety device provides access to the collection components. An access panel provides entry to the motor /blower compartment to permit easy adjustments. The cabinet has an electrostatically-applied powder coat paint finish to help prevent fading and chalking.
  • Prefilter - heavy-duty, reusable filter constructed of layered expanded aluminum mesh contained in an aluminum frame.
  • Ionizer - constructed of an extruded aluminum airfoil frame which shields the ceramic insulators from the air stream. Contact with the high voltage source is made through contact springs requiring no mechanical connections.
  • Collection cell - contains 20,160 square inches of surface area and is constructed of specially-formed aluminum to maximize collection efficiency. Rods are inserted for rigidity and control of spacing between high voltage and ground plates. The insulators are shielded from the air stream by inverted end plates. Contact with high voltage source is made through contact springs requiring no mechanical connections. The collection cell weighs 29 pounds and is easily removable for periodic inspection and cleaning.
  • Power pack - Self-regulating power pack for input voltage variations from -30% to +13% nominal rating.
  • Motor / Blower - blower is driven by a heavy-duty, totally enclosed 1/2 HP motor. Motor / blower has adjustable base to facilitate servicing.
  • Power cord - 10 foot, 16-gauge 3SJ with molded plug.
  • Dust drawer - easily removable drawer to collect and dispose of fallen dry particulate.
  • Extraction arm - this portable unit comes with the following extraction arm options: 8 inch diameter with 7 foot, 10 foot and 12 foot length or an 8 inch inlet collar in place of the extraction arm.

Portable Smog-Hog Mist Collector Features

Smog-Hog Elecrostatic Precipitator Filtration Technology

Using electrostatic precipitator (ESP) technology, the PCN electrically charges the microscopic contaminants, then captures them much like a magnet in the ESP collection cell. Easily cleaned and resuable aluminum collection components eliminate filter replacement and disposal. And, because each collection cell can hold more than one pound of welding oxide before cleaning is required, maintenance time is minimized.

Benefits of PCN Mist Collector Use

The Smog-Hog PCN mist collector is an adaptable, efficient and easily-maintained portable source capture system which can be used to help you:
  • meet OSHA air quality standards by easily positioning the source capture swing arm and hood directly over the smoke source to remove dangerous contaminants 
  • reduce make-up air requirements and achieve energy savings by cleaning and recirculating the air back into your facility through a vertical outlet
  • reduce maintenance costs by eliminating smoke and dust before particles can settle on equipment and work surfaces.
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