Ceiling / Machine Mount Mist Collectors - Smog-Hog® SHN / SG Series

The Smog-Hog SHN / SG Series is the most effective electrostatic precipitator (ESP) solution to remove airborne oil smoke and coolant mist contaminants. With a well-established name in the industry, our Smog-Hog mist collectors are engineered to perform long-term, heavy-duty industrial air cleaning and are one of the most effective ways to collect oily, wet contaminants that are a result of many metalworking processes.

Common applications include:

Both systems are available in a variety of sizes and configurations depending upon your company's application. Additional filtration accessories are available for both systems including a high-efficiency mist-stop pre-filter to reduce the loading on the collection components - saving you both time and money. However, there are a few differences to consider when choosing the right ESP mist collector for your specific application as outlined below.

Smog-Hog SHN Mist Collectors

Smog-Hog SHN systems collect oil smoke and mist particulates and handle airflows from 400 to 5,200 CFM. Comprised of an ionizer section and an ESP collection cell, SHN units can accommodate additional filtration options for heavy-duty applications, These filters as well as the ESP components conveniently slide in and out of the system for easy manual cleaning. SHN units can be ducted, unducted, machine mounted or hung.

Smog-Hog SHN Mist Collector

Smog-Hog SG Mist Collectors

Smog-Hog SG units collect high-volume oil smoke and coolant emissions and are equipped for airflow capacities ranging from 2200 to 9000 CFM. Instead of using two separate components, these powerful systems employ a single ESP unicell, which combines the ionizer and collection cell. Due to the larger capacity EPS unicell on the Smog-Hog SG unit, it can achieve higher airflows. Supplemental filtration accessories are available including oil impingement filters and 95% DOP or HEPA after-filters. SG systems can be ducted, unducted or ceiling hung.

Smog-Hog Mist Collector - Model SG

Electrostatic Precipitator Filtration Technology

All SHN and SG units use the same electrostatic precipitator technology to clean industrial mist and oil smoke. Smog-Hog mist collectors require no disposable filters, but instead use an ionizer to charge contaminants and a collection cell to remove them from the air stream. By electronically charging both large and microscopic contaminants, these systems capture impurities like a magnet in the collection cells. At the same time, recyclable coolants and oil are collected for reuse, and safe, breathable air is discharged back into the facility for energy savings.

Benefits of Smog-Hog SHN / SG Mist Collector Use

  • Reusable ESP collection components eliminate costly filter replacements and disposal. Thousands of gallons of valuable resources such as cutting oils, lubricants, coolants and plasticizers are recycled each year by customers who have installed SHN / SG Series units.
  • These systems recirculate air into your plant and reduce air make-up requirements by 80%.
  • Flexible installation options accommodate many application requirements including lack of floor space.
  • Low energy consumption can help increase company profitability.
  • Contaminants drain off ESP collection component, reducing the frequency of unit maintenance and cleaning.
  • Units maintain consistent airflow at all times for continuous clean air circulation.
  • Low sound levels eliminate the need for expensive silencers.