New SHM SmogHog® Media Mist Collector

SmogHog® means effective and efficient removal of mist and smoke for customers in the metalworking industry. For half a century our technical experts, application engineers and UAS representatives have been bringing you the right solution to protect your facilities from metal working fluids.

The SHM Series brings the latest in technology to your facility.

We are excited to share the new technology we have incorporated into the SmogHog product line. 

PEACH® Saturated Depth Coalescing Media. The technology was engineered specifically to capture oil mist and coolant contaminants. The media provides an open 3-D depth matrix structure which allows liquids to saturate the media depth and then drain with gravity, all while maintaining a low differential pressure.

Check out our PEACH video to see how the world class filtration media works. Learn about the three tortuous flow paths created in this filter and the patent pending inner filter tube, each working to remove nearly all contaminants. The PEACH filter outperforms by:

  • extending filtering capacity 
  • delivering high efficiency
  • extending filter life and low pressure drop over time

Interactive Touch Screen. Reduce maintenance time with a password protected controller. Easily view pressure drop, plus you will know from the screen when a filter change is required.

Flow Control Technology. Save energy costs over mechanical dampers with this technology. You can easily adjust the airflow using the touch screen, quickly optimize the system performance through air volume control. Managing air volume is critical to proper capture of contaminant and maximizing filter life. Ask your UAS representative about the optional Auto Flow feature that allows the fan to automatically adjust to your process changes.

Watch our walk-through video for a closer look at the SmogHog SHM media mist collector.

This Media Mist Collector is Also Available in a Machine Mount Model. This self-contained media mist collector is also available in a model that can be mounted directly on a machining center. Mounting to a machine will save floor space, reduce installation complexity of duct runs and decreases operational cost. 

The Machine Mount Options Include:

• ASHRAE 95% Oil Mist or HEPA Safety After Filters
• Remote On/Off Disconnect Switch
• Side Mount Bracket
• Drain Loop Trap
• Mounting Vibration Isolators
• Flex Duct and Duct Accessories


The SHM Touchscreen Controller Feature. Learn all of the benefits the touchscreen brings to managing this media mist collector by watching this video. 

SmogHog SHM Features