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Media Bag Dust & Mist Collectors - Models DA, DB and DBM

DA, DB and DBM media bag dust and mist collectors are designed as a simple and economical solution to collect dry or wet particles. These multi-purpose systems collect small, large or conductive materials to remove smoke, dust, oil mist and other pollutants from your facility and can help you save up to 80% on energy costs by recirculating and retaining heated or cooled clean air after it's been filtered through the system.

DA, DB and DBM media collectors offer multiple filtration options to collect sub-micronic, oil mist substances or odors and gases. These media options hold up to 30% more contaminants than comparable products, resulting in less frequent filter changes and lower maintenance costs.

Air volumes range from 650 CFM to 3,600 CFM, depending on system configuration.

Common applications include:
  • Abrasive cut-off sawing
  • Carbon black
  • Cast iron machining
  • Drilling
  • Dry chemicals
  • Graphic dust
  • Grinding
  • Lint

DA / DB / DBM Media Collector Features

Designed for dry particles in unducted installations, the DA model filter components are accessed through the front of the unit. Both DB and DBM models can be used in ducted installations to capture contaminants at their source and provides flexibility by offering a wide range of filter options for both wet and dry particle applications.

  • Cabinet - rugged 16-gauge steel cabinet with wrap-around welded construction and 1/2-13 weld nuts in each corner for easy installation.
  • Prefilter - disposable, pleated media for dry application or oil impinger for wet particles.
  • Intermediate / primary filter- disposable bag filter serves as primary filter on DA model and choice of primary or intermediate filter on DB and DBM models. 
  • Filter condition indicator - indicator gauge allows operator to visually determine filter condition and maintain peak airflow, efficiency and filter life.
  • Optional final filter - available in several configurations depending on required efficiency and application.
  • Outlet vanes - four-way directional louvers are individually adjustable to create the airflow pattern your particular application requires.
  • Motor / blower - the DA model comes standard with direct drive motor / blower assembly. DB and DBM models come standard with belt drive motor / blower assembly.
  • 1-Year warranty.

Model DB Bag Media Dust & Mist Collector Features

Filtration Technology

These economical units operate on a two- or three-stage concept of media filtration. Air enters the unit and first passes through the prefilter where larger particles are collected. Next, the air is drawn through the primary filter section for capture of smaller particles. Depending upon required efficiency and the application, several configurations of an optional final filter are available including HEPA filters and Vee Bank carbon filters for odor control. Clean air is then recirculated back into the facility.

Benefits of DA / DB / DBM Media Collector Use

Not only do the DA, DB and DBM media collectors improve air quality and comfort in the workplace, they provide savings of up to 80% on energy costs by recirculating and retaining heated or cooled air. Additionally, these media collectors decrease housekeeping and maintenance costs, protect employees' health and productivity, improve product quality and help companies comply with federal, state and local health standards for clean air.

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