Media Bag Dust and Mist Collectors

Compatible Filter Options for Models DA, DB and DBM

DA, DB, DBM FiltersEach DA, DB and DBM media bag dust and mist collector model has several filter options designed to meet your particular air cleaning needs with up to 99.97% efficiency.

Since these units operate on a two- or three-stage concept of media filtration, select both a pre-filter and a primary filter from the list below to fit your specific process.

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Filter Description Nominal Dimensions (HxWxD in.) Efficiency (ASHRAE 52.1-92) Use
  • Pleated nonwoven reinforced cotton fiber media with heavy-duty fiberboard frame
24x24x4 35% General
24x24x2 35% General
  • Aluminum mesh
24x24x2 92%* General
Wrap-around Pre-filter
  • Synthetic fiber with steel frame (attached to cabinet)
92% General
Oil Impinger
  • Four layers of aluminum baffles
  • Permanent, impingement filter
24x24x2 N/A Oil Mist
Extended Surface Bag Filter
  • Ultra-fine fiberglass media with galvanized steel header frame
24x24x22 65% Carbon or HEPA filter
24x24x29 65% General
24x24x36 65% General
24x24x22 95% Carbon or HEPA filter
24x24x29 95% General
24x24x36 95% General
24x24x36 95% Oil Mist
Vee Bank Carbon Filter
  • 12-1" trays of carbon (45 lbs.) with metal frame
24x24x12 N/A Odor Control
  • 12-1" trays of carbon (24 lbs.)
24x24x6 N/A Odor Control
HEPA Filter
  • Waterproof glass media with particle board frame
24x24x12 99.97%** Clean rooms and Inspection areas
24x24x6 99.97%** Clean rooms and Inspection areas
*ASHRAE Arrestance Efficiency
**Thernal DOP-Federal Standard 209A

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