UAS® ProTura® Advanced Nanofiber

The Standard in Superior Filtration Technology

ProTura Nanofiber filters Discover the difference in performance and value with ProTura Nanofiber filters from UAS:
  • Submicron particle capture and reduction of dust collector emissions for cleaner workplace air
  • Superior surface-loading technology to enhance dust cake release, leading to extended filter life
  • Better cleaning efficiency with fewer pulses and significantly less compressed air use
  • Lower pressure drop over the life of the filter and less overall system energy costs

The Value of ProTura Nanofiber

UAS ProTura Nanofiber filters have well documented and time proven results at delivering outstanding performance and quality. ProTura Nanofiber offers dramatic savings and value compared to commodity or generic blended filters including those with inferior surface coating treatments. ProTura Nanofiber filters help you maximize:

  • Filter Replacement Savings (Longer Filter Life) - Lower pressure drop and fewer pulse cleaning cycles result in up to double the life and half the replacement costs with nanofiber filters.
  • Compressed Air Savings - Dust is easily dislodged during cleaning because it remains on the nanofiber surface layer and does not embed within the media base substrate. As a result, the number of compressed air pulse cleaning cycles is significantly less thus dramatically reducing compressed air usage.
  • Energy Savings -Exceptional surface-loading capability dramatically reduces pressure build up resulting in reduced energy requirements to operate your system.
  • Cleaner Air - MERV 15 efficiency, reduced pressure drop and fewer cleaning cycles result in significantly reduced outlet emissions from system operation and a healthier work environment.

Due to its superior performance, ProTura Nanofiber is the standard technology that we equip all of our cartridge dust collectors with. Find out how you can achieve operational savings and a cleaner, safer work environment today with ProTura Nanofiber filters from United Air Specialists.

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Surface Loading Excels over Depth Loading

UAS ProTura Nanofiber filters feature an ultra-thin surface layer of synthetic fibers so extremely fine, they are measured in nanometers, or fractions of a micron. The layer provides excellent surface-loading capabilities due to the nano-size interfiber pores that make up their web-like surface coating. ProTura Nanofiber, therefore, acts as a shield to prevent submicron sized particles from entering and becoming embedded within the filter’s substrate media. As a result, dust particles are easily released from the surface layer while the media substrate remains clean leading to fewer cleaning cycles required, lower pressure drop, reduced outlet emissions and increased filter life.

Commodity cartridge filters allow particulate to embed deep within the substrate, making them more difficult to clean. Unlike ProTura Nanofiber cartridges, these depth-loading filters have large spaces or pores within their base media fibers which allow particles to penetrate deep within the media substrate increasing pressure drop. Subsequently, they plug at a faster rate requiring more frequent cleaning which leads to increased abrasion, wear and reduced filter life. Some commodity filters include surface treatments but their coatings form layers 100 times or more thicker than ProTura Nanofiber thus creating additional depth-loading layers which further decreases commodity filter life.

Surface  Loading vs Depth Loading Media

Understanding MERV Ratings

The industry’s most accurate test method to measure a cartridge filter’s efficiency is ASHRAE 52.2, which is the method for testing general ventilation air-cleaning devices for removal efficiency by particle size. Using this benchmark, filters are assigned a MERV (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) rating to determine how well they capture dust based on particle size. The higher the MERV rating, the more efficient the filter is at removing smaller particulate.

Although MERV is important, it can also be misleading. A filter may achieve a high MERV rating but result in higher pressure drop. So be aware of filters that use restrictive surface layers to boost efficiency as they ultimately lead to an increase in pressure and frequent filter replacement.

ProTura Nanofiber cartridge filters not only offer a MERV 15 rating but also deliver the ultimate combination of high efficiency, low operating costs and longer filter life.

MERV Rating Chart - UAS Comparison

Advantages Over Ordinary Nanofiber

Independent lab testing has certified our proprietary ProTura Nanofiber filters at MERV 15. Compared with other dust collection nanofiber technology, ProTura Nanofiber is up to 50% more efficient on submicron sized particles than ordinary Nanofiber rated at MERV 13. UAS ProTura Nanofibers are also up to 70% finer, more durable and superior in adhesion to the media substrate over ordinary nanofibers.

Independent lab results also demonstrate that ProTura Nanofiber is able to endure rigorous environmental testing conducted in a test chamber at 140º F and 99.9% relative humidity.

Nanofiber Diameter Comparison - ProTura vs Ordinary