Cost Savings Calculator

UAS ProTura® Nanofiber cartridge filters from CLARCOR Industrial Air provide significant overall savings when compared to other manufacturers' filters and equipment. Use the calculator below to estimate the total annual energy and operational cost savings you can expect with the exceptional performance of ProTura® Nanofiber cartridge filters.

Step 1.
Enter your estimated CFM and press "Calculate Horsepower":
Enter your estimated horsepower and press "Calculate CFM":
(* See assumptions below)

Step 2.
Enter your electricity cost: (Find the kWh for my state) $ kWh

Step 3.
Enter your annual operating hours:
(One Shift = 2000 hours / year)
(Two Shifts = 4000 hours / year)
(Three Shifts = 6000 hours / year)

Step 4.
Enter the number of cartridges in your dust collection equipment:

Step 5.
Enter your maintenance / service labor rate: $ per hour
(** See assumptions below)

* A 2" or more operational pressure drop difference typically exists between commodity cartridges and ProTura™ Nanofiber Cartridges on the same collector.
Cost based on a 90%-rated efficient motor. On average, commodity media pulses every 10 seconds, whereas ProTura™ Nanofiber pulses every 60 seconds.
ProTura™ Nanofiber cartridge filters can last up to twice as long as commodity filters, such as cellulose or cellulose blends.
** Include service rates, costs, overhead or overtime rates associated with the staff responsible for filter changeout.
On average, it takes 1 hour to change 12 cartridge filters.
On average, commodity filters (non-Nanofiber) last approximately 2,000 hours.
(Actual results may vary.)