Portable Bag / Media Dust & Mist Collector - Model PCT

The PCT portable dust and mist collector captures smoke and fumes at the source. Equipped with flexible a extraction arm, the PCT's lightweight, compact and durable cabinet design with industrial grade casters provides optimum movement from one application to another.

The PCT media collector is a low maintenance unit with easy access to filtration components which are easy to replace. It offers multiple filtration options with efficiencies up to 99.9%. Choose from standard media bags, HEPA filters and oil bags to fit your specific process requirements. The PCT systems' media surface collection area is up to 30% greater than the industry standard which results in fewer filter changes and more economical filtration.

Air volume is 1,000 CFM nominal.

Typical applications include brazing, carbon dust, dry chemicals, dry machining, fugitive dust, laser cutting, odor removal, oil smoke and mist, plasma cutting, plastic dust, powders, rubber dust, sanding dust, soldering and welding.

Model PCT Dust & Mist Collector Features

  • Primary filter - 29 inch deep bag which offers up to 95% efficiency.
  • 4 inch pleated prefilter - offering 35% efficiency to remove large particles.
  • Filter access door - hinged door makes filter removal and maintenance fast and easy.
  • 115/1/60 motor blower assembly
  • Unit bar - sturdy handle for easy transport to the needed location in your facility
  • Minihelic® gauge  - for monitoring filter condition to indicate when filter needs to be changed, allowing for peak airflow and efficiency.
  • Heavy-duty extraction arm - 8 inch by 10 foot long easily adjustable swing arm for easy source capture.
  • Dust drawer - integral, large capacity 2 cubic foot drawer allows for easy disposal with fewer cleanings.
  • Industrial grade casters - offers maneuverability to easily adapt to various processes in your facility.
  • 10 foot power cord
  • Powder coated paint finish - electrostatically applied paint prevents fading and chalking.

Filtration Technology

The PCT portable media collector captures smoke and dust directly at the source. The dirty air is pulled through the extraction arm entering the system through the specially designed capture hood. Pollutants are drawn through the externally supported extraction arm, directing the dirty air vertically downward into the cabinet plenum. Before entering the first filtration state, the dirty air makes a 180º turn creating an upward airflow pattern. The change in airflow direction causes drop-out of heavier solid particles into the removable dust drawer. The dirty air is then pulled through the first filtration stage where a 4 inch pleated prefilter rated at 35% efficiency removes small particles. At the second filtration stage, a 29 inch deep extended surface bag filter rated at 95% efficiency collects smaller and submicron particles. Clean air is then discharged back into the facility through the top outlet of the unit.

Model PCT Portable Media Collector Features

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