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Cyclone Dust Collectors - C Series

The C Series is a high-efficiency cyclone separator designed to effectively remove large to moderate size particles (chips, metal grindings, sawdust) from the air stream. Used alone or in conjunction with another dust collector, the Cyclone separates coarse contaminants from fine, non-visible particles and exhausts clean air. 

Typical applications include: buffing, bulk powder, conveying, fiberglass/plastic, grinding, machining, polishing, sawing and woodworking.

C Series Cyclone Dust Collector Features

  • Compartmentalized construction - allows for easy removal of cone section without replacing entire unit
  • Internal helix - forces contaminants out of the air and down into the cone section
  • Tapered cone section
  • Insert section - support steep taper of cone to maximize efficiency
  • TEFC motor - able to withstand indoor and outdoor temperatures
  • Blower housing - taperlock bushing allows for easy replacement of fan wheel and motor
  • True storage capacity discharge drum - cone sits flush with discharge area to maximize storage capacity
  • Complete unitized assembly - unit ships assembled for immediate use

Our Cyclone dust collector offers airflow capacities ranging from 800 CFM to 13,000 CFM. Its high-efficiency performance is accomplished by means of the unit's long tapered cone, high-velocity inlet and welded helix. Dirty air enters the unit at a high speed and is then spun around in a spiral motion, throwing particles against its cone wall. Centrifugal force pushes the larger or heavy dust particles down through the narrow part of the cone and into a collection drum or hopper. Cleaned air runs back up through the center of the unit and is discharged back to the atmosphere or into a UAS after-filter for further processing.

C Series Cyclone Dust Collector

Depending upon the application, building specifications and other factors, it may be necessary to use an after-filter in conjunction with the C Series Cyclone. The Cyclone dust collector captures the heavier contaminants while the after-filter removes the fine particles that may not be seen but are harmful to breathe. The after-filter can be directly mounted to the C Series Cyclone or remotely located using ducting. Both the Cyclone and the after-filter can be installed indoors or outside.

C Series Cyclone Dust Collector with Afterfilter

C Series Cyclone Options & Accessories

We provide a comprehensive selection of options and accessories to enhance the performance of your C Series Cyclone dust collector. Some of these include:
  • Explosion relief vent - minimizes damage and provides a degree of personal protection in the unlikely event of an explosion that may result when collecting explosive dusts
  • Silencer package - duct-type and acoustical foam-lined silencers reduce unit noise levels
  • Fully-welded construction - provides a complete, airtight seal to meet unique specification
  • After-filter Mangehelic® gauge kit - monitors pressure drop to indicate when filters need to be changed.

Benefits of C Series Cyclone Dust Collector Use

The C Series Cyclone dust collector is the most effective way to remove large size contaminants from your facility and offers a variety of configurations to help meet your company's industrial air cleaning needs. Our Cyclone fans are self-cleaning, material handling radial blades designed to deliver peak airflow with low horsepower to conserve energy. All models can be installed indoors or outdoors to accommodate your specific facility needs and clean air can be returned inside your facility for energy savings if the Cyclone is equipped with a UAS after-filter.