Versatile / Portable Cartridge Dust Collectors - V Series

Eliminate dust, smoke and powders with the economical and compact V Series cartridge dust collector. With a choice of two compact, low-profile sizes - 750 CFM or 1,500 CFM - the V Series dust collector truly is the most economical solution for cleaner factory air. Available as a portable dust collector, a stationary system with direct ducting or a downdraft bench, the V Series is an ideal solution for light- to moderate-duty manufacturing processes.

V Series Cartridge Dust Collector Features

  • Auto-cleaning function automatically cleans filter after unit is shut off
  • Unique acoustic sound attenuation ensures quiet operation below 82 dBA
  • Assembled system ready for use
  • Fast, tool-free filter change-out for easy inspection and maintenance
  • Powder coated finish on all components prevents fading and chalking
  • Large-capacity dust drafter offers easy dust removal and disposal
  • Pressure gauge indicates when filter requires replacement

The V Series is available in three configurations: an integrated downdraft bench (Model VB), a free-standing system (Model VF) and a portable unit with extraction arm (Model VP).

Model VB

The V Series downdraft bench (Model VB) is specifically designed for applications where workers need an integrated collection area and work surface that also draws contaminants away from the worker's breathing zone. Model VB is ideal for grinding and finishing operations of small parts and components.

Features of the VB downdraft bench dust collector include:
  • Heavy-duty work surface that supports up to 75 pounds per square foot
  • Ergonomically designed for operator comfort
  • Side wings and back panels which can be easily removed to accommodate larger work pieces
  • Even air distribution that provides effective dust control over the entire work surface
  • Dust drawer release for easy removal
  • Work surface dimensions: Model VB-750: 32-1/8” x 24” and Model VB-1500: 48-1/2” x 24”

Model VB downdraft bench cartridge dust collector

Model VF

Serving as the airflow and filtration source for an entire system, the VF model is a self-contained system which is the perfect choice for economical and efficient dust collection. Ideal for ducted operation, the VF system's small cabinet makes it easy to position close to the dust source with direct ducting to machinery to save valuable floor space.

Features of the VF self-contained dust collector include:
  • Dust drawer release for easy removal
  • Easy-to remove, large capacity dust drawer allows for quick and easy dust disposal
  • Pressure gauge indicates when filters require replacement
  • Electrostatically applied powder coated finish on all components prevents fading and chalking

Model VF self contained cartrdige dust collector model features

Model VP

The V Series portable dust collector (Model VP) is ideal for application where large pick-up hoods are impractical, where dust and smoke-producing machinery is used intermittently and where employees move from one work station to another. By positioning the extraction arm and hood directly over the smoke or dust, the VP unit removes harmful contaminants right at the source before they enter a worker's breathing zone.

Features of the VP portable dust collector include:
  • Low-profile cabinet provides low center of gravity for easy maneuverability and arm positioning
  • High-quality swing arm features unique hood design for superior fume collection
  • Industrial grade 15 foot power cord which maximized system reach and positioning during operation
  • Easy-access handle that offers convenient portability throughout your facility
  • Durable 5 inch caster to provide excellent system mobility

Model VP portable dust collector

Unsurpassed Filtration Technology

All V Series dust collector filters are available in an assortment of media options including ProTura ® Nanofiber which leads the industry in performance, efficiency and value. ProTura Nanofiber filters feature a special surface treatment of synthetic fibers that creates an ultra-thin "web-like" layer to trap dust and fume particulate on the surface of the filter before it can embed deeper in the media. This nanofiber layer provides excellent surface-loading capabilities which have been independently tested and is proven to achieve higher efficiency at a lower operating pressure drop than commodity filters thus supplying cleaner air with longer filter life, reduced cleaning cycles and greater energy savings.

Benefits of V Series Dust Collector Use

Because the V Series removes dangerous contaminants that can cause respiratory problems in your workers, it helps your facility comply with EPA and OSHA regulations and can help reduce lost work time. Plus, it prevents dusts from migrating to areas with sensitive electrical and mechanical equipment reducing facility maintenance.