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DustHog Plug-n-Play (PNP) Cartridge Dust Collector

PNP Cartridge Dust Collector

Safe, Effective and Convenient Solution 

A new DustHog® cartridge dust collector for indoor solutions ideal for numerous applications including thermally generated fumes from welding, robotic weld cells, laser / plasma cutting, stone cutting, fiberglass and bulk powders as well as other common nuisance dusts. 

Convenience and Ease without Sacrificing Performance

The new Plug-n-Play is exactly as the name describes, easy to install and begin dust collection for your operation. The PNP is not only equipped with the best in class filter technology, ProTura® DH nanofiber but you will find this DustHog also delivers energy efficiency with simplified maintenance.

  • Easy to install, including pre-wired blower with a small footprint
  • Straightforward monitoring and operation of filter pressure, cleaning, hours of operation and general settings with the new touchscreen control feature
  • Flow control technology allows effortless airflow adjustments to optimize system performance without mechanical dampers or complex and expensive frequency drives while saving energy costs
  • Surface loading, high efficiency ProTura DH filter media 
  • Quickly access and replace filters
  • The PNP can be custom configured for your unique needs, at the best industry lead times

See the diagram below for a closer look at the PNP features.

features of PNP 

The PNP Cartridge Dust Collector is powered with the new ProTura DH nanofiber filter media which is highly efficient (MERV 15) and capable of capturing respirable, submicron particulate. ProTura DH filters feature surface loading technology which reduces compressed air consumption during filter cleaning therefore extending filter life; benefit customers won’t find with others filters. Download our brochure for more information. 

Watch the video below to learn more about the touchscreen controller and how it reduces maintenance time and make it easier than ever to monitor pressure drop, pulse cleaning cycles and more.