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Downward Flow Cartridge Dust Collectors - SFC Series

Effectively remove dust, fumes and smoke from industrial manufacturing processes and applications with the SFC cartridge dust collector. The SFC is a proven, high-performance, energy-efficient downward flow cartridge dust collection system. With its patented pulse cleaning technology, greater air capacity and quick and easy maintenance, there is no better air filtration method for your manufacturing facility. Our design allows for field expandability so you can add modules and increase the capacity of your system at any time to fit your specific needs.

SFC Series Cartridge Dust Collector Features

  • Modular design - provides flexibility to increase unit capacity by adding modules at your facility.
  • Optimized cartridge cleaning system - springless pulse valves and patented nozzles / venturi offer maximized cleaning power
  • Horizontal filters - quick and easy access when replacing filters
  • Powder coated finish - all components have electrostatically applied paint that prevents fading and chalking
  • Quick and easy maintenance - with one simple movement of the handle, the SFC's "quickseal" release door provides extremely fast filter removal and tool free maintenance
  • 10-Year warranty

Getting to Know Your DustHog

Join us for a walk through of a dust collector where we will explain the sections of the equipment and give you a few tips along the way.

Unsurpassed Filtration Technology

All SFC Series dust collector filters are available in an assortment of media options including ProTura® Nanofiber which leads the industry in performance, efficiency and value. ProTura Nanofiber filters feature a special surface treatment of synthetic fibers that creates an ultra-thin "web-like" layer to trap dust and fume particulate on the surface of the filter before it can embed deeper in the media. This nanofiber layer provides excellent surface-loading capabilities which have been independently tested and is proven to achieve higher efficiency at a lower operating pressure drop than commodity filters thus supplying cleaner air with longer filter life, reduced cleaning cycles and greater energy savings.

Benefits of SFC Dust Collector Use

Our SFC unit removes harmful pollutants resulting from a multitude of manufacturing processes such as metalworking, welding, grinding, laser and plasma cutting, abrasive blasting, buffing, sanding, food processing, pharmaceutical, bulk powder handling, plastics processing and more. The result is a safer, cleaner environment for your employees. By using our SFC unit, you can virtually eliminate air quality concerns in the workplace and gain environmental compliance. Plus, you are ensuring increased employee productivity, fewer absences and illnesses, more efficient cleaning and significant operational savings.

Patented Pulse Cleaning Technology

At the heart of the SFC system is the industry's most advanced pulse cleaning system technology. In designing the SFC unit, UAS engineers used Computational Fluid Dynamics computer modeling to develop the most effective system that "pulsed off" dust from the filter which greatly improves the cartridge cleaning power. Utilizing an optimized nozzle and venturi, air is pulsed at a precisely calculated distance through an unobstructed airway. The result is increased pulse cleaning energy, lower pressure drop and longer cartridge life. Plus, our patented pulse system cleans the full length of the cartridge. These unique, proprietary features assure years of dependable, efficient and cost effective performance.

SFC Downward Flow Cartridge Dust Collector patented pulse-cleaning system
SFC PulseBlast (U.S. Patent No. 6,902,592)

Pulse blast benefits include:
  • fewer pulses are needed to clean the cartridge filters, so less compressed air is used. This is a substantial cost savings for the customer over the life of the unit.
  • filter life is increased because fewer pulse cycles mean less tress on the filter media. This equates to less frequent filter changes and significant reduction in operating costs.
  • unobstructed airflow means there is more cleaning energy delivered to the filters to clean the entire length of the cartridge filter.
  • optimized cleaning provides maximum filter efficiency with the lowest possible outlet emissions.

Invest in the Best

A cartridge dust collector is an important investment that impacts the performance of plant equipment and the health of your employees. To yield the best return and provide the safest work environment possible, it's important to choose a dust collector that utilizes an optimized pulse cleaning system to reap the full benefits of a nanofiber filter.

The result is:
  • less energy use
  • longer filter life
  • a smaller dust collection system footprint
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