Downdraft Bench Cartridge Dust Collectors - Model SDB

The heavy-duty SDB downdraft bench cartridge dust collector offers a large work surface, high-capacity dust drawers and a downdraft velocity up to 200 fpm. It is typically used for applications including bulk powders, drilling, dry buffing, dry chemicals, carbon black, cast iron, hand sanding, grinding, paint pigment, paper dust, polishing, spices, welding and wood dust.

SDB Downdraft Bench Cartridge Dust Collector Features

  • Heavy-duty work surface which supports 75 pounds per square foot
  • Work surface that is 80 inches wide and 55 inches deep
  • 3 HP motor, 230-460/3/60
  • Four cartridge filters
  • Downdraft velocity of 200 fpm
  • Magnehelic® gauge mounted on unit
  • Large capacity dust drawers
  • Automatic self-cleaning reverse pulse jet system
  • Heavy-duty airfoil fan wheel
  • Sound attenuating blower housing
  • Quick-release filter access drawers
  • Powder coated, scratch-resistant paint that prevents fading and chalking

Unsurpassed Filtration Technology

All SDB downdraft bench dust collector filters are available in an assortment of media options including flame retardant media and ProTura® Nanofiber which leads the industry in performance, efficiency and value. ProTura Nanofiber filters feature a special surface treatment of synthetic fibers that creates an ultra-thin "web-like" layer to trap dust and fume particulate on the surface of the filter before it can embed deeper in the media. This nanofiber layer provides excellent surface-loading capabilities which have been independently tested and is proven to achieve higher efficiency at a lower operating pressure drop than commodity filters thus supplying cleaner air with longer filter life, reduced cleaning cycles and greater energy savings.