Cross-Ventilation Cartridge Dust Collectors - MCB Series

Remove fine airborne dust from industrial processes while allowing workers complete freedom of movement. The MCB is an obstruction-free dust collector that uses cross-draft ventilation to eliminate hazardous contaminants before they reach a worker’s breathing zone and then recirculates clean air for energy savings. Ideal for applications where source capture is impractical—like grinding, sanding and abrasive blasting—the MCB is easy to install, offers the industry's lowest sound levels, requires no tools for filter change outs and reduces utility costs.

MCB Series Cross-Ventilation Cartridge Dust Collector Features

  • Modular design - allows for proper sizing for each specific user and customer application. Available in 3 foot, 6 foot and 9 foot modules. 
  • Customized booth configurations - can be fitted with a booth enclosure for containment and additional sound absorption with several options for wall materials
  • High efficiency dust filtration - prevents fine dust from migrating to areas with sensitive electrical and mechanical equipment - reducing facility maintenance
  • Internal pulse cleaning system - ensures quiet operation
  • High-efficiency filters -  provide long filter life for a variety of industrial applications
  • Cam-action locking device - facilitates fast, simple and tool-free cartridge filter installation and replacement
  • Backward-inclined airfoil wheel and low RPM motor - provides the quietest and most efficient operating system in the industry
  • Enlarged louver doors - vertical doors with increased height effectively sweep the operator's breathing zone of potentially harmful contaminants
  • Single-side service access - makes it easy to back units up against the wall to save valuable floor space
  • Aluminum dust drawers - offers large capacity dust storage area with sturdy, yet lightweight construction to allow for easy dust removal
  • Powder coated finish - all components have electrostatically applied paint that prevents fading and chalking
  • 10-Year warranty

Unsurpassed Filtration Technology

All MCB Series dust collectors filters are available in an assortment of media options including ProTura® Nanofiber which leads the industry in performance, efficiency and value. ProTura Nanofiber filters feature a special surface treatment of synthetic fibers that creates an ultra-thin "web-like" layer to trap dust and fume particulate on the surface of the filter before it can embed deeper in the media. The nanofiber layer provides excellent surface-loading capabilities which have been independently tested and is proven to achieve higher efficiency at a lower operating pressure drop than commodity filters thus supplying cleaner air with longer filter life, reduced cleaning cycles and greater energy savings.

Benefits of MCB Dust Collector Use

Our MCB Series has been designed with your employees in mind. Helping you keep your facility and workers healthy and safe while complying with EPA and OSHA regulations, our dust collectors offer:
  • the most efficient fume removal
  • freedom of movement
  • the lowest sound levels in the industry
  • easy installation and inspection
  • fewer cartridge change outs
  • reduced utility costs