imguas-cfs-filtration-system-side-open-mining application

UAS® Conveyor Filtration System (CFS)

New UAS Conveyor Filtration System (CFS) is built for transferring and conveying bulk materials that generate large amounts of dust which present air quality, safety and maintenance challenges. The proprietary filtration system was engineered to deliver the following benefits:
  • Low profile design for low clearance tunnels and limited access areas
  • Simplified installation system and patented BHA pleated filter elements
  • High filtration efficiency
    • Increase surface filtration area 2–3 times compared to filter bags.
    • Lower differential pressure.
    • Lower emissions than filter bags.
  • Very low maintenance
  • Eliminates costly ductwork
  • Increase product yield with reclaimed process material


cfs features graphic

The UAS CFS addresses common hurdles, are you faced with these?

  • Low Clearance Tunnels
  • Fugitive Dust’s Affects on Employees’ Safety
  • Emissions and Clean Up of Work Areas
  • Field Assembly in Limited Access Areas
  • Loss of Product (Drops Material Back Onto Belt)

The UAS CFS was Designed with Your Challenges in Mind

  • Eliminates Costly Ductwork Initial Installation
  • Eliminates Costly Ductwork Repair Due To Abrasion
  • Eliminates Costly Handling Equipment For Collected Dust


  • Belts
  • Bucket elevators
  • Tunnels
  • And more
CFS Installation

Before and After the UAS Conveyor Filtration System from
CLARCOR Industrial Air was installed.