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Ancillary Dust Collector Products - Differential Pressure Panels & Motor Start Panel

Differential Pressure Panels

Save money and maximize the performance of your dust collector using differential pressure panels.

Dust collectors equipped with United Air Specialists' Digital Pressure Control (DPC) panel are more likely to save on overall energy costs and filter replacements. The DPC allows operators to set differential pressure levels to indicate the point at which the control should initiate the collector's pulse cleaning system. When the pressure exceeds the set point, the system pulses until it returns to an acceptable level. This on-demand cleaning which requires the system to pulse clean only when necessary minimizes the number of pulses required. This results in energy and operational savings from reduced compressed air usage. Fewer pulses help the filters last longer and also results in reduced outlet emissions and cleaner air.

Occasionally, certain applications require continuous cleaning, which means the dust collector pulses at a time-based interval versus a specific differential pressure level. For these instances, UAS offers the Digital Pressure Monitor (DPM) gauge for displaying differential pressure. The DPM features two displays: a numerical digital display gives a reading of the static pressure so users can see the level at which the system is pulsing, and an arc lighting feature lights up green when pressure buildup levels are acceptable and lights up red when filters need to be replaced.

Both the DPC and DPM panels are rated NEMA 4x for outdoor use.

Motor Start Panel

UAS also offers a stand-alone fused disconnect and motor start panel or an all-inclusive NEMA 12 panel that houses the:
  • DPC or DPM panel
  • disconnect
  • contractor and overloads
  • step-down transformers
  • start / stop push buttons
  • terminal strips and wiring