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Find Extra Help When You Need It – Dust Collection Problems solved

Maximize efficiency. Minimize problems.

From inspection programs to conversion opportunities, CLARCOR Industrial Air has a wide range of field services to support your dust collection system. With full service crews, highly experienced Technical Advisors and dedicated project managers, we can help you solve issues that might arise with your system. With nearly 50 years’ experience we have been helping operators and managers like you resolve issues and improve performance of their systems. Call us when you need answers.

We have inspection programs that give valuable insight toward understanding dust collection problems and finding solutions fast.

Technical Evaluation and Analysis, Strategic Technical Evaluation Program (STEP). Our STEP program is a complete ventilation system analysis.

Advantages and Benefits of a STEP Audit:
  • Provides overview and analysis of existing system
  • Identifies problem areas of the ventilation equipment
  • Calculations for airflows and duct sizing
  • Recommendations for repair or design changes
  • Increases planning accuracy
  • Recommendations for potential increased production
  • Recommendations for decreasing emissions and increasing system efficiency

Findings & Recommendations (F&R) and Detailed Technical Inspection (DTI). Two thorough inspection programs focused on specific areas of your baghouse system.

A used filter evaluation can give valuable information regarding the filter’s condition. If the filter is representative of the filters in the dust collector, it can be beneficial in assessing performance and mitigating baghouse issues. However, the filter evaluation cannot absolutely determine filter life but can give basic knowledge of where in the life cycle the filters are located.

  • Standard Filter Analysis
    • Visual Inspection – Includes images of filter conditions including failures, wear patterns, and any anomalies observed.
    • Analytical Testing per ASTM Guidelines
      • Air Permeability
      • Mullen Burst/Strength Testing
      • Unit Weight
      • Additional Testing if applicable
        • Mechanical Testing – Tensile/Elongation
        • Digital Scanning Calorimetry
        • MIT Flex Cycle
        • Loss On Ignition
        • ePTFE Membrane Adhesion Test
    • Microscopic Analysis is performed to identify the following:
      • Level of Dust Penetration
      • Potential Fiber Degradation
      • ePTFE Membrane Condition
  • Custom Analysis
    • Filter Performance Trend Analysis Over Time

The CLARCOR Industrial Air crews, technical advisors and project managers can handle all aspects of your filter change outs from pre-outage planning to execution during the outage freeing up your personnel for other critical outage work. Our crews put safety first, but also can meet outage timelines and ensure a leak free installation on all types of filters for pulse-jet, reverse air, shaker and all types of baghouses.

Only one Purchase Order is required to have your baghouse completely refurbished, reducing the hassle of coordinating bags and crews and having one company responsible for all aspects of the change out. We are here to help you ensure your next outage is a success. Let us know how we can help you.

Proper start up procedures are critical to ensure the integrity and life expediency of the filters. Regardless of the start-up process we can help bring the filters on-line properly through multiple or single compartment baghouses with any type of filter media. Cement, power, foundry or any other industry, let us assist with the experience we have gained through the years.

Baghouse startup procedures will vary from application to application and different types of baghouses. We can help you get off to a great start with our expertise. For conventional filtration medias, the importance of the dust cake as the primary mode of filtration is paramount. For hot gas applications there are other critical areas that need to be monitored, in particular if there are multiple compartments or single compartment units. Start-up services for combustion processes have a different set of consideration during this process.

Contact us and leverage the knowledge we have assimilated through the years.

Changing your baghouse design can often dramatically improve its operation and the operation of the entire production line. Updating from a reversed air or shaker to a pulse jet can increase airflow, reduce down time and maintenance costs. It can also save power required for the ID fan therefore reducing electrical costs.

Baghouse inspections from experienced, well-informed experts are vital to ensuring the investment you make in your system will achieve your business objectives.

Prior to making recommendations for a baghouse conversion or rebuild a proper inspection that analyzes all aspects of the baghouse is necessary. Every aspect from the timeframe the baghouse went online, to the layout, design volume, inlet temperature, gas volume required to vent the system, total filtration area, problems and opportunities to improve system performance needs to be studied. Sometimes simple changes can solve persistent baghouse filtration issues, or even help a marginal system become more reliable and efficient.

Following your decision on next steps, whether you decide to repair, rebuild, replace units or convert we can help with execution of plans and ensuring the plans deliver the results. CLARCOR Industrial Air has full service crews, highly experienced Technical Advisors and dedicated project managers that help to ensure your conversion and system projects finish on time and on budget.

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