Genuine TDC Pleated Filter Elements

TDC Pleated Filters

We acquired the TDC filter assets from MFRI, Inc. and we are the only provider that carries the genuine TDC pleated filter elements.

We offer the IntegraSealTM interlocking one-piece molded gasket pleated filter element with the standard features:
  • No felt snapband cuff assembly
  • Leak free seal
  • Easy install and removal
  • No install misalignment
  • Push in & pull out
  • Increase in filtration area over other metal top configurations

This product line is offered in spunbond polyester and spunbond with full fiber immersion oil and water resistant, antistatic polyester and now it is also available with BHA® Preveil® ePTFE membrane bonded or laminated to either of the medias.

The DSS metal top filter elements are also available and in multiple medias:
  • Spunbond polyester (standard)
  • Spunbond polyester with full fiber immersion for oil/water resistance
  • Anti-static polyester
  • BHA Preveil ePTFE membrane bonded to spunbond polyester
  • BHA Preveil ePTFE membrane laminated to anti-static polyester

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