imgBHA PulsePleat Filter Elements - dantherm filter
imgBHA PulsePleat Filter Elements - food processing
imgBHA PulsePleat Filter Elements - lime application
imgBHA Pulse Pleat Filter - Pharma application
imgBHA Pulse Pleat Filter - Polyester plt pack
imgBHA Pulse Pleat Filter - dust collection
imgBHA Pulse Pleat Filter - filter dust
imgBHA Pulse Pleat Filter - thermopleat

BHA PulsePleat Filter Elements

CLARCOR Industrial Air offers BHA PulsePleat filter elements for baghouses: a combination of pleated high-efficiency filtration media and an inner support core that forms a one-piece element that fits directly into your existing baghouse tubesheet. Our BHA PulsePleat replaces traditional filter bags and cages.

BHA PulsePleat elements are the original pleated technology and are designed and manufactured to operate in the harshest of industrial environments. With 25 years of experience, more than three million BHA PulsePleat pleated filters have been sold for industrial air filtration systems.

BHA PulsePleat Advantages

  • Requires less compressed air pressure to pulse clean
  • Operates across a wide range of temperatures and applications Increases filtration area 2-3 times
  • Dramatically reduces air-to-cloth ratios
  • Reduces operating pressure differential
  • Reduces collection operational energy costs
  • Direct replacement for bags and cages
  • Substantially reduces installation time
  • Shorter length keeps the elements out of the inlet gas stream, reducing abrasion
  • Significantly more efficient than standard felt media
  • BHA iPLAS® "formed-in-place" system anchors the pleat tips, providing evenly spaced and straight pleat alignment - critical to proper cleaning and dust discharge (available on selected elements)

Watch this video to learn how to properly install a top load BHA PulsePleat filter.