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BHA ProTura Pleated Cartridge Filters

The Most Advanced Nanofiber Filtration Technology for Any Application

The BHA ProTura Nanofiber has the finest fibers and highest MERV rating in the industry. BHA ProTura Nanofiber Technology will increase efficiency, reduce emissions and lengthen filter service life in your cartridge style dust collector. Add the best available technology to your recovery system and see the benefits pile up. The surface loading advantage of BHA ProTura is unequaled due to its nano-sized interfiber pores. Any type of dust you are collecting is easily pulsed off the surface layer, while the media stays clean.

We offer the broadest line of premium OEM-specified filters for use in nearly any industrial application, including powder coating, chemical processing, food production, pharmaceuticals, power generation, welding, plasma cutting and more. Always on the leading edge of innovation.

With 99%+ efficiency on 0.3-0.4 micron particulate, BHA ProTura nanofiber filters provide maximum filtration. In fact, nothing matches BHA ProTura performance in cartridge-style dust collectors. BHA ProTura nanofiber filters significantly outperform competitive cartridges in ALL industrial dust-collection applications.

More Advantages with BHA ProTura Pleated Cartridge Filters

  • More fibers = better surface loading
  • Unmatched release properties will offer reduced cleaning cycles
  • Saves compressed air & energy costs
  • Reduced outlet emissions = Cleaner Air
  • Less pulsing & stress = Longer Filter Life
  • Reduced downtime
  • Fewer filter changes = Lower Disposal Cost
  • The industry’s smallest available fibers provide the best available filtration efficiency on submicron particulate - MERV 15
  • More efficient than other Nanofiber filters

The BHA ProTura filters are available in an oval structure, built with the same Advanced Nanofiber Filtration Technology.

Also for use in Donaldson Torit®, AAF®, Airflow Systems®, Farr APC®, Flex-Kleen®, ITW/Gema®, MAC®, Micro Air®, Pneumafil®, Uni-Wash/Polari®, Robovent®, Sly®, Steelcraft Trion® and Wheelabrator® brand dust collectors.

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