bha Visolite® & bha Neutralite®

BHA Visolite Leak Detection System

The patented BHA Visolite Leak Detection System can help reduce downtime and is more effective and safer than visual inspections. BHA Visolite is designed to provide the highest visibility for locating filter bag tears, holes, bad seals and structural weak points—such as weld cracks.

To facilitate trying to find leaks, BHA Visolite, a lightweight fluorescent powder, is injected into the baghouse. The powder follows the path of least resistance, accumulating around the source of leakage. A monochromatic light is then used to pinpoint the exact location of air leakage and indicate its severity.

Features & Benefits
  • Decreases downtime
  • Simple test to perform
  • Proven product
  • Available in three vibrant colors for best contrast or multiple tests
  • Specifically engineered particle size distribution designed to provide the highest visibility to locate bag leaks
  • Non-formaldehyde formula

Click here to watch this quick demonstration.

BHA Neutralite Conditioning Agent

BHA Neutralite® Conditioning Agents are injected into a baghouse to establish initial dust cake on new filter bags or to re-establish dust cake on bags in operation. BHA Neutralite powder was developed to protect bags from particulate bleed through, blinding, and problems caused by hydrocarbons and moisture carryover.

CLARCOR Industrial Air offers both BHA Neutralite Powder and BHA Neutralite SR (Spark Retardant) for specialized applications to help prevent bags from spark carryover. BHA Neutralite helps prevent agglomeration from ruining bags exposed to gas stream moisture. It also provides new life for damaged bags by creating a primary porous dust cake that can restore filtration functionality and airflows.

Features & Benefits
  • Increased bag life
  • Absorbs hydrocarbons and moisture
  • Increased filtration efficiency
  • Improved stack test results
  • Inhibits damaging sparks
  • Lowers differential pressure
  • No detectable free silica content
  • Increased airflow
  • Decreased emissions