Vacutrans® Vacuum Cleaning System

The Vacutrans® is a specifically designed industrial/contractor's tool made to convert your compressed air supply into a high-powered vacuum and material transferring system. This cleaning system can pick up and convey powders, plastic pellets, grain, sand, abrasives, aggregates, liquids, and numerous other bulk materials in clean up and material transfer functions. It can be used to inject BHA® Neutralite® Conditioning Agent or BHA Visolite® Leak Detection powder, and also convert to a shop vacuum.

  • Extends bag life by reducing abrasion on the clean side of the fabric filter when used to remove particulate buildup from the clean air plenum
  • Quick and easy clean-up reduces maintenance time
  • No manual dust handling. Dust flows directly into the collector's hopper - no bags removal needed
  • Easy installation - simply attach the Vacutrans to the discharge hose and connect air
  • Virtually maintenance free - no moving parts to lubricate or wear
  • Can be moved between compartments or collectors
  • Operates in the 150-200 CFM range at 100 psi
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