TubeSheets & Doors

CLARCOR Industrial Air has everything you need for your baghouse. We offer tubesheets, thimbles and access doors for baghouses. Tubesheets can be fabricated to close tolerances, which provide an effective bag seal to reduce potential leakage. Thimbles are exposed to harsh baghouse elements and can become corroded, resulting in leaks. CLARCOR Industrial Air manufactures thimbles from 12 to 18 gauge carbon or stainless steel to reduce corrosion in chemically active units. We also offer the Center Pivot Access Door and the Insulated Single and Double Access Doors.


  • Fabricated from either carbon or stainless steel plates, with thickness determined by applications.
  • Stiffening is included in the design to minimize warping or deflection.
  • Tubesheets are available in a variety of filter bag connections.
  • CLARCOR Industrial Air can provide rapid turnaround of tubesheets orders for emergency situations.


  • Other thicknesses and materials are available upon request

Access Doors for Baghouses

  • Create and maintain a positive seal
  • Reduce condensation that can cause bag failure and severe corrosion
  • Center pivot hinge assembly provides equal pressure around the entire door frame
  • Easy installation and quick entry due to plated adjustable door latches with no need for hand tools
  • Lock-open bracket, which can be used to prevent the door from closing during servicing
  • Special coatings and door seal are available for specific applications

Double-Access Doors for Baghouses

  • The Insulated Double Access Door specifically creates a naturally insulating air pocket between the two doors. It combines with the insulated outer door for a superior barrier.
  • The door guides align the door onto the 1 in. (2.54 cm) fiberglass door seal, ensuring positive seal alignment and ease of closing.
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