Pulse Valves

Clean your pulse jet baghouse efficiently with valves from CLARCOR Industrial Air. Diaphragm and solenoid valves work together for efficient operation of the baghouse cleaning system.

CLARCOR Industrial Air offers many valves to best fit your application:
  • For extremely corrosive applications, valves can be coated in a variety of finishes
  • Integral solenoid valves are mounted directly on the diaphragm valve
  • Remote solenoids are mounted in a separate NEMA enclosure
  • Valves available for high volume/low pressure applications

We offer Goyen® and ASCO® valves. We can provide technical support, complete rebuild instructions and an in-house engineering staff to assist your crews with site-specific valve problems.

Need Troubleshooting Help?

Valve will not open
  • No power to timer or solenoids, buildup of debris, blocked exhaust ports, etc.
  • Check wiring
  • Replace coil
  • Unplug lines - replace if needed
  • Install correct tubing
  • Rebuild w/Solenoid Repair Kit
  • Replace diaphragm
  • Remove blockage
Valve will not close (leaks air)
  • Solenoid leaks air, Tubing leaks, blocked bleed ports, etc.
  • Rebuild/replace solenoid
  • Replace tubing and/or connectors
  • Check power - replace timer board
  • Check compressor supply lines and that the header is properly sized
  • Lightly tap housing near bleed port to release blockage
  • Replace w/diaphragm kit
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