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Filter Bag Parts & Accessories

When you need bags for your collector, don't overlook the parts and accessories. Not including these items is usually false economy. New bags won't stop emissions without new seals or gaskets to help seal them to the tubesheet for a leak-free fit.

Features & Benefits

You might need filter bag accessories for the following:
Old venturis may be showing signs of wear as well, and may even be the cause of bag abrasion. A misaligned blowpipe can direct the pulsed air against the side of the venturi rather than right down the middle of the bag, eventually wearing a hole in the metal and ultimately causing bag damage. Check your tubesheet for cracks and leaks that could be causing problems. Burrs can snag bags during installation, and holes that are not perfectly round can be a source for leaks.

Before replacing bags, a technical inspection by CLARCOR Industrial Air baghouse specialists can prevent delays in getting the unit back online. If problems exist beyond simple bag replacement, they can be identified and plans can be formed to get your equipment back in operation to meet air pollution control requirements.

Typical bottom load unit needs:
  • Tubesheet: Needs to be fabricated to close tolerances. Carbon or stainless steel.
  • Bag Cup: used to mount venturi and cage to the tubesheet. Plated, coated, in stainless and carbon steel.
  • Bag Cup Gaskets: ¼" thick felt seal in polyester or aramid between bag cup and bag/cage. Similar gasket required between bag cup and tubesheet.
  • Venturi: directs compressed air cleaning pulses to center of the filter bag. Mild steel-spun, Vydyne and cast aluminum.
  • Quick release /T-Bolt Clamp: simplifies installation; durable stainless steel. Support Cage: Available in 7, 9 or 11 gage wire.
  • Custom cages also available.
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