Baghouse Control

Your fabric filter dust collector performance can only be as good as the weakest component in the system. Over time, leaks and cracks can develop and cleaning system components can fail. Even new systems need monitoring and performance tuning to meet your applications. Ambient conditions, pressure gauges, and cleaning systems controls are an important part of getting the maximum efficiency from your system.

CLARCOR Industrial Air can provide you with the dust collector parts and accessories you need to maintain peak performance and consistent operation and efficiency.

  • Cleaning system components, including baghouse control systems, pressure gauges, pulse valves, and Pulse-Jet blowpipes
  • Leak detection and prevention, including BHA® Visolite® Leak Detection System and door seals
  • Filter conditioning and protection, including BHA® Neutralite® Conditioning Agent
  • Collector components and accessories, including baghouse tubesheets/cellplates, thimbles and access doors, and Vacutrans®  vacuum cleaning system
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