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clearcurrent Systems

CLARCOR Industrial Air offers our clearcurrent® systems to support the Energy & Electric Utilities market. This range of system solutions tailored to the power generation industry is engineered to provide consistent performance to gain the best output from your plant. All clearcurrent systems are designed aerodynamically to ensure clean and uniform airflow entering the gas turbine.

Our range of clearcurrent systems (with OEM approved designs) include traditional pulse and static designs as well as hybrid units that offer multiple levels of protection. We also offer evaporative coolers to upgrade MW output in hot environments. Driven by market leading research and development, clearcurrent systems are proven to help deter gas turbine degradation leading to more MW being delivered on the gas turbines we protect.

Energy & Electric Utilities Applications

When it comes to selecting the right filter for your power plant, our clearcurrent filter portfolio offers extremely high levels of turbine protection for a wide range of environmental conditions. Our filter elements are designed to be installed in new or retrofit systems and are available in a variety of sizes and construction materials.  


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