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clearcurrent vCell Filters

We engineered our clearcurrent vCell filters to meet stringent OEM qualifications including testing for efficiency, environmental conditions, strength, life and durability. This gives us confidence that our vCells will provide the best protection for your gas turbine.

Our clearcurrent vCells are offered in two configurations:


PRO (Predictable, Reliable Output)

Engineered to increase improvements in compressor health. Fleet tested results showed an increase in output, a lower heat rate and level pressure loss.

12" vCells

17" vCells

Standard clearcurrent vCell:

Constructed to deliver a robust performance, even in high under-pressure conditions. Air or water bypass is eliminated by a specially designed gasket that seals the rear contact surface of the filter frame. Fleet tested to show a low pressure loss, high dust-holding capacity, and optimized drainage performance

12” vCells