clearcurrent PRO Cartridge Filters

Improving compressor health while meeting industry standards — it’s an advantage that clearcurrent PRO brings to the energy and electric utilities sector. The clearcurrent PRO filter is fleet tested with compressor health improvement that shows increased output and lower heat rate with level dP.

Our multi-year study of fleet wide filter performance allowed us to determine the right criteria to positively affect turbine degradation. Incorporating elements of degradation-based maintenance, our clearcurrent filters help power plant operators meet their desired performance goals.

The clearcurrent PRO (Predictable, Reliable Output) filter delivers predictable performance while maintaining steady dP. It is constructed with PRO technology that reduces both dry and wet contaminants from reaching the turbine blades. The filter is both mist and fog resistant, and since it isn’t constructed with expensive membranes, will provide balanced maintenance costs all while improving your MW output.

clearcurrent Advantages

Compressor health improvement with PRO technology, including:
  • Increased MW output
  • Lower heat rate
  • Predictable and lower dP
  • Reduced fouling

Comparative Data

EN779:2012 rating F9
ASHRAE 52.2 rating MERV14
Construction G90 galvanized standard
(Also available in 304L or 316L stainless steel)
Gasket option Closed cell gasket design and positive sealing
arrangement eliminates unfiltered air bypass
Media 100% synthetic high performance media

Available Options

  • G90 galvanized standard
  • Also available in 304L or 316L stainless steel
Alternative sizes: Filter wraps are available for static applications.

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