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Gas turbines are high-precision, highly optimized machines that consume a massive quantity of air. In some cases, the air passing through a turbine in just two hours is equivalent to consuming all the air within a professional sports stadium in the same amount of time. They are, however, sensitive to contaminants in the air or fuel that may pass through them. Failure to address contaminants can lead to reduced performance, expensive repairs, and eventually could cause a catastrophic failure of the turbine components.

CLARCOR Industrial Air’s clearcurrent filters offer extremely high levels of turbine protection in a wide range of environments with its comprehensive selection of filter options. Our nearly 50 years of expertise in gas turbine intake filtration design has influenced the development of this gas turbine inlet filtration portfolio. Designed to fit a range of new and retrofit systems in cross-flow, up-flow, and split up-flow configurations and available in various sizes and materials in both cylindrical and conical styles. The element has been tested to, and complies with, a wide range of industry specifications.

Estimate Fuel Savings & Incremental Power Generation with clearcurrent PRO Filters

Use the calculator below to estimate the fuel savings and incremental revenue you can expect to generate with the exceptional performance of clearcurrent PRO gas turbine inlet filters.

Tell Us About Your Gas Turbine

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Incremental Power
Incremental Revenue Generated:
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    clearcurrent PRO Experiment Videos

    These videos show an experiment between our clearcurrent PRO inlet filter media and a competitor's inlet filter media. In the video, you will clearly see how water and dirt easily pass through the competitor's media while the clearcurrent PRO effectively repels both water and dirt while still allowing air to pass through.

    The experiment demonstrates that clearcurrent PRO is the superior choice for gas turbine inlet filtration to help maintain optimal compressor health. 

    PRO = Predictable Reliable Output.

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