clearcurrent Cool System

Running a gas turbine in hot and dry conditions challenges the operator to deliver consistent MW to their customer as required. To level out your output and even improve your gas turbine output, adding a clearcurrent Cool system to your intake can even out those annual peaks delivering higher MW output for the same fuel input.

The clearcurrent Cool system saturates or cools the air creating dense air which gas turbines find easier to compress leading to more MW with the same inputs. The clearcurrent Cool system creates dense air by passing the air through saturated media. It’s important to consider that if any water droplets contact the gas turbine that this will cause erosion and degrade performance. Therefore, unlike other solutions, the clearcurrent Cool system has a second stage demister to remove any droplets not completely entrained in the airflow.

Features / Benefits

  • Low Parasitic load
  • Low Maintenance requirements
  • Low Operational Costs
  • Low Pressure loss, all design are Aerodynamic optimised
  • Flexible & Cost Effective support by modularised design
  • Quick Installation/ Minimal Site Work
  • Globally Regulation compatible, PED, ASME CE & IEC compliance
  • OEM approved designs

Technical Performance Data

  • 85%, 90% & 95% solutions
  • Material options to customer requirements
  • Size Range: 25 MW to 400 MW simple cycle

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