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clearcurrent Coalescer FILTERs

Gas turbine inlet air quality is critical to overall system performance. The clearcurrent line of coalescer filters deliver outstanding coalescing performance with low pressure drop, low maintenance, and long service life.

clearcurrent TS1000 Coalescer Filter

Constructed from 100% synthetic high performance woven mesh, the clearcurrent TS1000 coalescer is designed to operate in the harshest conditions, such as those experienced in coastal desert environment locations.

The coalescing and pressure loss characteristics of the TS1000 remain enhanced whether operating in wet or dry conditions. This coalescer offers a significantly lower dust removal efficiency to deliver a long life service. The woven mesh construction of the TS1000, installed within the gas turbine air intake system, is intended to capture and coalesce very small water particulate droplets.

The TS1000 can be washed in place without being removed, and is easily cleaned using low-pressure cold water or compressed air. If necessary, greasy contaminants can be removed by washing with GE filter cleaning fluid and rinsing with fresh water. Cleaning the TS1000, under many conditions, may help to restore efficiency and pressure loss.

Constructed from glass fiber media, the clearcurrent GC coalescer remains optimized when operating in wet conditions. Greater density of the media at the back supports full depth operation and offers a long service life.

clearcurrent GC Coalescer Filter

The GC coalescer is designed to meet a wide variety of configurations, and is engineered for easy installation and replacement. Its unique, lightweight construction supports quick and easy filter change out, which is an important aspect of proper inlet house maintenance. The GC provides a first line of protection when paired with high efficiency final filters in a multi-stage inlet filtration design.

clearcurrent Advantages

  • Excellent fine mist/fog coalescing efficiency
  • Low maintenance
  • Low pressure drop
  • Long operating life
  • Contributes to reduced final filter pressure loss and reduced operating costs
  • Fits a range of new and retrofit configurations

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