clearcurrent SP Cartridge Filters

The clearcurrent® SP (standard pulse) high efficiency cartridge filter provides high levels of protection for self-cleaning gas turbine inlet filtration systems. The advanced synthetic technology uses a special blend of fibers to effectively capture high levels of sub-micron particulate delivering high performance filtration and longer life while maintaining a low operational pressure drop. Its high dust-holding capacity helps prolong filter life and significantly lowers operating costs. The cartridge is designed to fit a range of new and retrofit systems in cross-flow, up-flow, and split up-flow configurations and is available in various sizes and materials in both cylindrical and conical styles. The element has been tested to, and complies with, a wide range of industry specifications including key OEM's performance specifications for gas turbine inlet filtration.

clearcurrent Advantages

  • Excellent particulate removal efficiency helps reduce compressor fouling and lengthens intervals between water washes
  • Low initial and operational pressure drop helps increase turbine output and/or enhance fuel efficiency
  • Optimized when operating in wet or dry conditions, and at high or low levels of humidity and dust loading
  • Positive sealing arrangement eliminates unfiltered air bypass in the system

Comparative Data

EN779:2002 rating F8
ASHRAE 52.2 rating MERV12
Construction Mechanical locking system helps minimize
moisture entrapment and reduce corrosion
Gasket option G90 galvanized steel or stainless steel inner/outer
screens and end caps minimize corrosion
Media Fully synthetic media provides sustained
performance in wet and humid environments

Available Options

  • G90 galvanized standard
  • Also available in 316L stainless steel
Filter wraps are available for static applications.

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