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Personalized Filtration Planning

A personalized plan from a professional adviser.

Let’s face it. Filters, and filter companies, can begin to seem the same over time. Data sheets and sales literature promise big results and savings. But every company ends up saying the same thing.

We also know that every turbine runs differently depending on certain characteristics. Yet, increasingly, you'll find the same filtration plan for two distinctly different locations, despite the unique challenges of each site.

Why does this happen? The reality is that the necessary tools to make informed decisions about site-specific filtration are getting lost. Instead of being able to focus on turbine health related to filtration, plant managers are forced to compare complicated data sheets that only make the situation tougher. Nobody wants a battle of the data sheets. 

It’s time for something new.

What you need is a trusted partner and a plan for how best to maintain or improve gas turbine performance from filtration.

As the only filtration company to ever be part of a gas turbine OEM, we learned firsthand how filtration and media properties affect gas turbine output and performance. This unique opportunity laid the foundation we’ve used to design and manufacture exceptional filters for turbine health ever since. The CLARCOR Difference.

Our goal isn't to sell you the latest trend, but to help you find a high quality, reliable filtration plan that's right for the unique needs of your turbine. With Personalized Filtration Planning, we aim to provide that trusted expertise over a multi-year period, laying the foundation for filtration that makes a difference to your operating goals. You get a consultant and a partner for the future.

What can you expect?
  • You talk, we listen
  • We’ll show you our selection
  • Engineers analyze your plant data
  • Final recommendation
  • Collective review

Personalized Plans from CLARCOR Industrial Air. Start yours today.

Learn more about our PRO-HEPA technology options

Download the Personalized Filtration Planning brochure, and start learning about the technology options available as part of your Personalized Plan, including the advancement of our well-known PRO technology, now available in HEPA-rated cartridge and vCell filters.

Or contact us to begin your own Personalized Filtration Plan.


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