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Harsh climates demand high efficiency. The next-generation altair System4 raises the performance standard you’ve come to expect from the leaders in offshore filtration. Developed to provide extended availability of your key gas turbine assets, the altair System4 comes with higher efficiency filters and the same outstanding salt removal efficiency – all designed to keep your gas turbine online and available at any time.

Combining the benefits of recent developments in filtration technologies with proven Altair technology for protection against salt contamination, the altair System4 filtration system raises the performance of compact air inlets for offshore applications.

Building upon the successful altair System2, altair Aquila and altair System3, this system adds outstanding sub-micron particulate and droplet removal efficiency—wet or dry—without compromising the pressure loss of the system. This advanced technology solution is ideally suited to offshore environments with high dust-loadings such as areas close to desert landmasses, or locations affected by Harmattan wind conditions.

Features / Benefits

  • OSHA compliance
  • SRS Technology (Salt Removal System)
  • On-line prefilter change
  • Internal ladder
  • Single lift module

Technical Performance Data

System Rating F9 E10
Downstream Salt Concentration v MMBL @ 6690 m3/h (3940 CFM) 0.001807 ppb 0.000903 ppb
Clean Pressure Loss 440 Pa (1.76” WG) @ 6870 m3/h 490 Pa (1.96” WG) @ 6800 m3/h
Maximum air flow 7640 m3/h (4500 CFM) 7640 m3/h (4500 CFM)

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