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The high performance altair System2 filtration unit is design specifically for offshore and coastal environments. With an excess of 15 million trouble free operating hours on over 1000 turbine inlets, the system has become the filtration unit of choice for operators and OEMs alike.

In offshore and coastal areas, protection against airborne salt ingress is vital to guard against turbine damage. The CLARCOR Industrial Air trusted SRS (Salt Removal System) Technology provides outstanding salt removal performance for both wet and dry salt particulate.

The altair System2 range of filter elements is designed for requirements ranging from low pressure loss applications requiring maximum turbine output, to very high efficiency filtration for environments with high levels of small particulate and applications requiring long intervals between compressor washes. All filter elements are available with an optional pre-filter to extend the life of the main filter in high dust environments.

Features / Benefits

  • SRS Technology (Salt Removal System)
  • On-line prefilter change
  • Hinged first stage access or ‘walk-in’ maintenance area

Technical Performance Data

System pressure loss at 1000 FPM
(5 m/s)*
1.5 IN WG 1.9 IN WG 2.6 IN WG
38 mmH2O 47 mmH2O 66 mmH2O
Gravimetric efficiency vs ASHRAE 98% 99% 99%
Salt output vs NGTE 30 knot
aerosol** (efficiency)
0.0013 ppm 0.0011 ppm 0.0011 ppm
(99.96%) (99.97%) (99.97%)

* System includes front and rear stage Marine Vane Separator (MVS)
** 3.6 ppm input
All data are shown for indication purposes and are subject to change without notice. Actual results may vary.


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