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altair Pocket Filters

The altair range of pocket filters is designed to enhance and extend the performance of the gas turbine inlet system. They offer protection for the gas turbines operating in high-dust environments in offshore and coastal locations. When used in conjunction with high efficiency final filters, the pocket filters significantly help increase the dust-holding capacity of the system and the life of the high-efficiency filters. They may be changed-out on load, leaving the final filters in place to protect the turbine.

By using altair’s proven bag-in-bag arrangement, the pocket filters can be installed with no increase in system length. Some of the pocket filters can also be installed as an addition to, and in front of, an existing system as a supplementary “first line of defense” to provide short-term protection against seasonal higher dust loads such as Harmattan-borne dust.

altair Advantages

  • Substantially increases the life of high efficiency final filters
  • Fully cleanable and can be changed out on load, avoiding turbine shutdowns
  • High volume flow leading to small filter face area (up to 30% smaller than conventional designs)
  • High dust-holding capacity and longer filter life help reduce filtration costs
  • Low pressure loss helps increase power output and improve fuel efficiency
  • Flat-pack bag design minimizes storage space for spare filters
  • “Bag in bag” design reduces filter system depth

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