imggas turbine inlet filtration solutions for oil & gas applications
imggas turbine inlet filtration solutions for ship propulsion applications

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We understand how important it is to protect your valuable gas turbine assets. Failure to address contaminants can lead to reduced performance, expensive repairs, and eventually could cause a catastrophic failure of the turbine components.

The CLARCOR Industrial Air altair® product portfolio offers extremely high levels of turbine protection in a vast range of environmental conditions with our comprehensive selection of inlet filters. Our nearly 50 years of expertise in gas turbine intake filtration design and unique OEM background has influenced the development of our filter portfolio. Designed to fit a range of new and retrofit systems in different configurations and available in various sizes and materials in both cylindrical and conical styles, our filters have been tested to, and comply with, a wide range of industry specifications.

The choice of an altair filter conveys reliability and availability - the attributes you want and need when operating in harsh conditions. With the altair brand, we are known for making filters that deliver these operating characteristics and you can benefit from the same filters that major turbine OEMs have chosen for years to protect their machines.

Oil & Gas Applications

Oil and gas operations are often situated in remote locations. They require high availability and low downtime rates from their gas turbines, all while battling harsh weather conditions, high levels of airborne particulate and salt ingress. CLARCOR Industrial Air and the altair name symbolizes delivering solutions that bring air quality to your turbine, improve gas turbine availability and provide extended operational capability, whether your operation is located offshore, on an FPSO, a coastal LNG refinery or any point in between. 

Ship Propulsion Applications

Gas turbines are used extensively in the naval, cruise and fast ferry industry. For new ships and retrofit applications, our altair Neptune and altair Vega systems are proven, ultra compact demister solutions designed to remove bulk water and salt aerosol from gas turbine and diesel intakes. We can also provide anti-ice systems, blow-in-doors, silencers and ducts to MIL standards.

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