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Solutions for the Beverage Industry

Filtration for Fine Wine

For over 30 years, CLARCOR Industrial Air pre and final filters have been used in the clarification, stabilization and sterilization of wine.

Proper selection and use of filtration is critical in the wine making process to ensure fine quality, provide consistent color and body, and to protect the distinctive subtleties of the vintage.

CLARCOR Industrial Air provides a full line of filtration for fine wine:
  • Clarification consists of removing solids and residual yeast from the fermentation process. The degree of clarifying the wine can range from roughing or coarse filtration using depth sheets or cross flow technology to polishing filtration using finer grades of sheets or lenticular cartridges.
  • Stabilization involves the removal of spoilage organisms and the reduction of haze, turbidity, and particulate contamination. Filtration steps here typically employ micro-fiber pre-filters, depth or pleated cartridges and lenticular cartridges.
  • Sterilization removes all remaining microbial contaminants through the use of absolute rated, integrity tested pleated membrane filters. This step is also referred to as final filtration and occurs just before the bottling process.

Brewery Filtration Solutions

CLARCOR Industrial Air offers a wide range of filter products for brewery applications for incoming process water, tank vent gas and beer refining streams.

With our unique and innovative depth filter technology used for beer trap filtration, high flow capacity filters for process liquids, carbon filters for taste and odor reduction and depth sheets and lenticular filters for clarification and bio-burden reduction, we provide brewery filtration process solutions from the field to the bottle.

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