Other Industry Applications

Find your Foundry process in the chart below and select "View" for the recommended equipment.

Process Type

Loading Type *

Usage Type **


Abrasive Cleaning Any Continuous
Bin Venting Light to Moderate Intermittent
Bin Venting Any Continuous
Fine Airborne Dust Light to Moderate Intermittent
Fine Airborne Dust Any Continuous
Raw Product Handling Heavy Intermittent
Shakeout Heavy Intermittent
Shakeout Any Continuous
Tumbling Mill Heavy Intermittent
Tumbling Mill Any Continuous

* Loading (a.k.a concentration): The amount of dust in gas. Usually expressed in terms of grains per cubic ft., lbs. per 1,000 lbs. of gas, parts per million or milligrams per cubic meter.

** Usage: How long equipment is used during business hours.