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MetalS Dust collectors and air filtration


Reduction of operating costs, meeting environmental requirements and worker safety are primary objectives for both integrated and mini mills. As the industry continues to face reductions in PM and potential future mercury regulations, we continue to focus on new product development to assist you in meeting these key drivers. BHA Preveil ePTFE filters in furnace applications and BHA PulsePleat filter elements for material handling systems provide energy reduction and long-term life cycles while delivering environmental and OSHA requirements. We understand these processes and continue to develop products and in-house expertise for future requirements that the steel mills will face.


Increasing airflow for reduced melt cycles, reduction of energy costs, reducing outlet emissions and increased filter life are critical to foundries competing in a global market. Our application expertise and advanced product technology addresses these needs. By working closely with foundries and understanding your needs, we have successfully increased filter life while delivering reductions in outlet emissions and improved worker safety.


We work very closely with the aluminum industry experts by combining technical expertise in each process and applying products that match the needs of the smelters. Primary smelters are one of the largest users of BHA PulsePleat filter elements that have proven to provide increased airflow from potlines while meeting environmental regulations, increased product life, improved HF scrubbing, energy reductions and reducing Total Cost of Operation. As new regulations are being implemented, we continue to innovate to stay ahead of these requirements.

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